‘Phones ringing off hook’ as Barlavento International Primary School blasts back

For anyone who lives in the western Algarve and has small children news that the Barlavento Primary School is ‘back in business’ (albeit with the word ‘International’ in its official name) is huge.

Indeed, ‘phones have been ringing off the hook’ since people heard about it.

After a brief sojourn under the Nobel umbrella, the school has gone into partnership with Aljezur International School and as such gives parents the beauty of an educational structure that starts with the tinies from the age of four and goes all the way to A level.

Aljezur’s philosophy of ‘respect’ and care for the community and environment will now be able to start at ‘grass-roots level’ with all kinds of plans now being finalised on how to establish a vegetable garden and ‘small livestock farm’.

The staff are described as “absolutely delighted”. For those who remember this school from the ‘old days’ Mrs Caroline will be back with the early years; the new head teacher is Amanda Turner, who taught at Aljezur for five years and has 38 years teaching experience behind her – and her deputy is her daughter Hannah, who has also taught in the UK, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

Guardians of the school are Aljezur directors Karen Whitten and Sílvia Catarino who have built up a solid reputation over the last decade teaching scores of young people how to spread their wings.

Says a statement issued by the teachers: “Barlavento International Primary School will provide the best-all-round creative and inspiring education for children in the community. We, as a staff are now very eager to return to the school setting and instill the joy of learning in a safe, secure and happy environment”.

The Autumn term starts on September 11. For more information contact: [email protected]

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