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Phones a priority

Despite the financial crisis gripping the country, Portuguese consumers continue to prioritise the buying of a new mobile phone, with 16% of consumers stating that they intend to purchase a new phone in the coming months.

According to data released by the personal financing company Cetelem, while consumers claim that they do not intend to increase their personal spending, new mobile phones continue to be a must-buy item.

The data, which was collected from 600 people between June 27 and 29, showed that consumers are more likely to buy electrical goods for the home, holidays and other consumer electronics in the current market and are less likely to purchase cars, real estate or anything else that represents a large investment.

Conceição Caldeira Silva from Cetelem said: “Mobile phone consumption increases reflect the fact that the holidays are now at an end and the Portuguese are returning back to school and work.  There are also a number of major promotional campaigns from mobile phone companies which show consumers all the latest and most advanced equipment available which may contribute to the desires of consumers.”