Philippa of Lancaster, from princess to queen of Portugal

The Algarve History Association (AHA) is holding two talks on Philippa of Lancaster, presented by David Johnson, this month. The first will be on Tuesday, September 27, at the Municipal Library of Lagoa at 6pm, followed by another on Friday, September 30 at the Municipal Library of Tavira at 11am.

Leicester-born Philippa of Lancaster was the eldest child of John of Gaunt (1340-1399) and granddaughter of Edward III of England.

Remarkably well educated for a woman of her time, she was also noted for her religious devotions.

In 1387 at the relatively late age of 27, she married D João I of Portugal with whom she would have nine children, of whom six survived.

Philippa had a virtuous influence on the notoriously immoral court of Portugal, and communicated to her sons English notions of duty and honour.

Her marriage alliance was the foundation stone of the long-lasting alliance between Portugal and England, and her legacy to Portugal comprised her gifted and well educated children, who have long been admired as the Illustrious Generation, including Henry the Navigator.

There is no charge for the talk but voluntary monetary contributions are requested to help run the AHA and to pay speakers’ costs.