Pfizer reveals it too has been working on a ‘miracle Covid pill’

Roughly 24-hours since Merck’s Covid pill was authorised for use in the UK, and greenlighted for emergency use in Europe (click here), Pfizer has announced that it too has been working on an antiviral ‘miracle pill’ able to reduce hospitalisations and deaths from Covid-19 by 89%. Put another way, the pharmaceutical company is still conducting clinical trials, but first results are “so encouraging”, it says. SIC television news reports that Pfizer will be requesting emergency use authorising for Paxlovid “soon”. Earlier this week Jornal Económico reported on how Pfizer is estimating it will make a profit of €25 billion just with its vaccination against Covid-19 in 2022. This year’s profits are believed to be in the region of €31 billion, says the online.