Petrol on the A22

For years, drivers have bemoaned the lack of petrol stations on the Via do Infante. Now two new service stations have opened on the motorway, between the exits for Lagoa and Alcantarilha. They are part of the Cepsa chain, cost around five million euros to construct and, according to José Garcia, consultant for safety at Cepsa engineering, are some of the most environmentally advanced petrol stations in Portugal.

All the modern technology installed at the petrol station works with complex censor systems that ensure zero wastage of fuel. There are three separate sewage drainage systems in place at the service station to allow for the recycling of water wherever possible. “For example, the forecourt is washed with a hose every day,” says Garcia. “The drains then collect the fluid, made up primarily of water and fuel, and use a hydro carbon separator to filter the water from the oil – the two fluids are then re-useable.”

Cepsa also uses steel separators in this drainage system, which are far more environmentally friendly than the plastic ones that, according to Garcia, are still in use at some stations in Portugal. “Everything from the fuel vapour that evaporates from the main tank underground, to the fuel wastage on the forecourt is saved and recycled,” he explains. Work on the new service stations started around six months ago and the onsite restaurants are still incomplete. However, António Cardoso, engineering director, has promised that all the facilities will be up and running by June this year. Cardoso also confirmed that Cepsa has no plans to open any service stations along the eastern section of the motorway.