Petition calls for new law on animal rights

Animal rights association ANIMAL has started an online petition to urge the Government to create a new law to protect animals in Portugal.

The association wants a new law to establish responsibilities and duties of the State for the protection of animals, to criminalise animal cruelty and to ban the use of animals in circuses and bullfighting.

The petition needs a minimum of 35,000 signatures for ANIMAL to be able to take the proposal for discussion in Parliament.

To sign the petition, please follow link

www.animal.org.pt/animal_campanha17set.html (in Portuguese).

Editor’s note: As we are aware that the majority of our readers will be sensitive to the cause of animal welfare, the ANIMAL petition is available in the reception area of our offices in Lagoa for those interested in signing it. Please note that, being an official petition, you will need to include with your name and signature, your passport number and voter’s card number.