Pétis donates 300kgs of animal food to Animal Rescue Algarve

Pétis donates 300kgs of animal food to Animal Rescue Algarve

The donation reflects the trust in ARA’s work

Pétis, a “100% Portuguese” company, stayed true to its motto – ‘Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today’ – when it donated around 300kgs of animal food to Animal Rescue Algarve.

The donation resulted from a request for help on behalf of ARA whose work goes far beyond its shelter in Cabanita, Loulé; something which was recognised by the pet food company.

Since 2018, ARA has rescued and rehomed over 1,200 animals, who found new families across the whole of Portugal and beyond.

Said ARA in a press statement: “Pétis’s donation included high-quality food for both cats and dogs, a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the animals residing at the shelter, many of which have tragic stories, and are on their way to a happy ending.”

The cat food will also support the ‘Vila dos Gatos’ project, developed by ARA and supported by the Loulé Townhall and most of its parishes. The project aspires to the sterilization of up to 1,500 feral cats annually, as well as the management of its cat colonies, which includes the installation of shelters, as well as monitoring, feeding, and caring for these animals.

To learn more about the work carried out by Animal Rescue Algarve, or book a visit to its shelter, email [email protected]