Peter rejects knee op for joint health drink!

news: Peter rejects knee op for joint health drink!

GOLF-MAD pensioner, Peter Trodd has cancelled his knee replacement operation after finding his own arthritis remedy.

Retired building supervisor, Peter (74) of Watford, London, enjoys golfing holidays in Europe and the UK but was devastated when rheumatic pain in his left leg eventually forced him to give up his favourite sport.

His doctor diagnosed arthritis of the knee and referred him to a specialist, who put his name on the waiting list for surgery. But Peter was impatient to get back on the fairway and took matters into his own hands!

He had read a newspaper article about an arthritic mountain rescue dog whose career had been saved by a new health drink called Vitacoll Gold – designed to help relieve rheumatic joints and to help sports players strengthen their ligaments. “Animals can’t lie so I decided to try the treatment myself,” said Peter.

After taking Vitacoll daily for six months, his golf handicap is no longer his arthritis… Peter is back on the golf course free of pain and has cancelled his operation!

“I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure, but it has been a big success for me. After nine months waiting for a new knee I went back to the specialist to tell my story, and he scratched me off his list!” said Peter, who took up golf in the ‘70s and has taken part in competitions in Ireland and Spain.

Vitacoll Gold is now available from a local agent in Portugal for the first time. For more information call 913 350 000 or visit the company website at