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Peter King plays Faro

Britain saxophonist Peter King will be performing with the Algarve Orchestra at Teatro das Figuras in Faro on December 3.

Peter King, in the words of one critic, “is the finest alto saxophonist that Britain has ever produced and one of the finest in the world today”.

He has been one of the most influential figures in British jazz since he became known at the age of 19 at the opening of Ronnie Scott’s Club, London’s famous jazz Mecca.

He worked with Johnny Dankworth’s orchestra from 1960 to 1961, and went on to work with the big bands of Maynard Ferguson, Tubby Hayes, Harry South, and Stan Tracey, the Brussels Big Band, and the Ray Charles band on a European tour.

King’s composing, deeply influenced by the music of Bela Bartok, has moved far beyond individual numbers for performance and recording, and includes an opera, Zyklon, in collaboration with Julian Barry.

On his album Janus he presented a five movement suite for jazz quartet and string quartet, for which he wrote all the music, using the arch form familiar in classical composition.

He has also made appearances on a number of pop duo Everything But The Girl’s albums, as well as on the solo album North Marine Drive of Everything But The Girl member Ben Watt. There have also been a few film appearances such as in Blue Ice starring Michael Caine and, The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Mat Damon.

In 2005 Peter King won the BBC Musician of the Year award.

Tickets range from €7 to €10.

For more information and tickets reservations please call 289 888 110.