Pet Park and APAA join forces in rehoming campaign

Think big! ‘Raffa’ needs a good home

Pet Park is Caroline England’s primary business, running a beautiful countryside holiday-camp, kennel and cattery. APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, would like to assist Caroline’s personal rehoming campaign.

A long-time APAA member and supporter, taking in dogs on a temporary basis whilst finding suitable homes for them. With help from APAA, it is now important to find a good home for ‘Raffa’.

‘Raffa’ was the typical ‘canine Covid pup’. When novelty worn off, he was dumped at a neighbour’s house, probably because he is a large breed, needs exercise and food.

‘Raffa’, a gorgeous young male German Shepherd, is well behaved and in excellent condition. He has not been chipped and his original owners cannot be found, which is not unusual. He is a calm, handsome dog and house-trained. What a wonderful pal for someone! He will be sterilised under APAA’s SNiP programme and will then be ready for a good home.

Contact Caroline at email [email protected]. ‘Raffa’ is a special dog for a special someone!

There are many ways we can help APAA. How about visiting an abandoned dog? Take a doggy treat and go for a walk. Why not adopt an older dog? They are so easy to become friends with, loyal, loving, appreciative. What more could you want from a friend? Wagging tail, big lick and a pair of huge, thankful, adoring eyes!

Recently, two big puppies were put up for grabs, ‘Wanda’ and ‘Cosmo’. A huge campaign was undertaken, thinking they would take some time to be homed. Pleasantly surprised, we were all wrong. Determined Dave, who became the owner of an abandoned mum and her litter, was “wowed” by a French couple. They turned up, loved the pups, were used to “big dogs”, and took both of them. Yup, both! Luckily, they have a large property, too. Merci beaucoup! So, we can do it!

It is possible thanks to a network of animal lovers. There are wonderful people out there who can and do make a huge difference to our abandoned animals’ lives and welfare.

Diary date: Sunday, June 5, 3pm. A very special APAA Posh Tea Street Party. A savoury and a sweet plate, celebrating HM’s Platinum Jubilee in Jackie’s Garden, slightly north of Portimão. On sale, many sweet and savoury bakes. Book with Jenny at APAA on 919 041 903 or email [email protected]

APAA Charity Shops: Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm; Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm. Packed with goodies. Bring or buy!