Pet hotel offers special discounts for dogs and cats of health service workers

A pet hotel in Gaia in the north has slashed its rates to help health service workers on the front line.

Instead of charging normal prices (around €13 -a-night), it is asking doctors and nurses who want to leave their four-footed friends in ‘good hands’ – with the chance of company and measured excitement – the symbolic rate of just €5 a night.

The north is the region worst hit by Covid-19.

David Mota, of Pet Hotel Gaia, realises that there are “immense numbers of health professionals” who can’t return to their homes as they have been put into compulsory quarantine. For these people how to care for their cat, dog or multiples of either, will be causing added stress.

His business has therefore opened its doors to help anyone “directly working to control the epidemic”.

Says Público, the hotel is part of the Santa Marinha veterinary hospital group and runs according to recommendations of the DGS health service and Ordem dos Médicos Veterinários veterinarian association.