Buster’s new home with Bill and Gerry

Pet Corner: When an irresistible force …

… meets an immovable object. As the saying goes, this is what happened when Lisa Dowling met up with ‘Buster’, a budding, roaming Romeo, occasional Casanova, street-wise and ready for anything.

APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, comes across a variety of stories. This one is a real heart-warming tale. Lisa writes: “For the past three years, this funny little dog became infamous in Portimão. He’s a good-looking chap.” She describes what some would call a “bitza” (a little bit of this, a little bit of that).

“Long body, short stumpy legs, large head,” literally “spending” energy and time chasing females on heat, dodging artfully between urbanisations – Oasis Parque, Sesmarias, Pedro Mourinha, Bemposta, Aqua…

He had many “a.k.a’s”. Lisa called him ‘Spot’. Although seemingly happy, he obviously wasn’t. After tramping around Portimão, he would always return to the shelter of the cars in Oasis Parque.

Lisa reminisces: “He looked sad, tail between his legs. It was difficult to get his trust. I tried for months with food. Always just out of reach, back under a car.”

Enlisting the help of four other ladies and an enticing female woof on heat, he took the bait and they bundled him into a waiting car. He seemed at home, with food and the company of her dogs.

Lisa relaxed, but he didn’t – nature called. Off he went, back to Oasis Parque. Time passes, and he hides when persistent Lisa happens by. She’s beginning to give up hope …

But wait a minute … what’s this? Our errant canine is with a man who introduces himself as Bill. “I call him ‘Buster’. He follows me home from time-to-time and comes into our back garden,” Bill said.

Lisa is in shock. Bill smiles. “Gerry, my wife, gives him a good brushing and supper.” Really? Now, here’s a plan.

With the help of APAA, Lisa, Bill and Gerry take Buster to a vet. It turns out he has been ‘chipped’. ‘Malhadinho’ (is that a name?) was born in 2016. The owner is traced but doesn’t want him. OK, so dog dumped and left to fend for himself.

Back to our ‘Shaggy Dog’ story… Finally, having had the snip (via APAA’s, Spaying and Neutering Programme, SNiP), Buster calmed down, wonder-lust abated. Common sense sets in. Loads of attention, food and love. Where’s the competition? Buster decides to hang around with Bill and Gerry. Finally, a happy ending for all.

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Big waggy tail from Buster!

Lisa Dowling and friend