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Pet Corner: Tiger, tiger, rabbit, rabbit…

Year of the Tiger – the Chinese annual Lunar New Year started February 1, 2022. A year of conflict and expansion through aggression. 2023 follows with the Rabbit ‘fixing’ the wrongdoings of the Tiger through peace and harmony.

APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) luckily doesn’t have tigers. Just a few happy ‘bunnies’, like Anita hosting the association’s first Pop-Up at The Jolly Bar (next to Alvor Camping Site): “It was at short notice, but the takings were good!” said Anita. There were Gill Goode’s cards and paintings; Debbie Cummings’ personalised artwork; and Fi-Line Fiona’s clothing, jewellery and natural make-up.

Jenny Clarke, President of APAA, asks: “Any unwanted good quality items for our charity shops and Pop-Ups? Please think of us!”

Jackie Billings, treasurer, adds: “Our vets give us a brilliant service, but we still need to pay bills, feed the animals…” It is a matter of fact that money does indeed make the animal world turn around. The more intrusive spaying of females is more expensive than the neutering of males (sorry chaps!).

To keep a dog healthy and on a good diet costs around €100 a month, flea and de-worming €10, annual vaccinations €25 per dog. The important, never-ending role of APAA is to keep the cat and dog populations down, especially abandoned dogs hunting out any females on heat!

Destroying healthy dogs is not an option. Homing them is. Help with adoption, temporary homing or even sponsoring a dog is essential. The cost of making a dog calm, controllable and off the scent is neutering. The costs vary according to weight and size. Tackling the job goes from €70 to €200. Ouch!

Thank you, all of you, who have helped by popping into our Pop-Ups and charity shops, and for your much-needed support.

Where are the new, vibrant members, young energetic people who can do the footwork, driving, helping out when needed? Of course, there are studies, a job to be taken care of, a business. But if you have a moment to spare, old stock to get rid of, please think of APAA. Their people give up time and energy because the problem never diminishes. It grows.



Suzy found abandoned ‘Dobby’, bleeding, with blistered paws, scrawny and underweight. But it didn’t stop Dobby from impregnating every female in the area. He was due to be castrated this week and will be suitable for homing soon. He is friendly, very young and easy to work with, obedient and walks on a lead. Contact Suzy on 0031 653 432 399.

For more information, contact APAA on email [email protected] or visit Check out membership or make a donation.
Charity shops:
Alvor – Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
Silves – Rua Elias Garcia 20, Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm
For forthcoming events and Pop-Ups, check the events column in the What’s On section. Money is tight, so every little helps our friendly, furry friends.

Jolly’s Babes, from right: Debbie, Anita, Fiona and Gill

Jolly’s Babes
Graham and Debbie
Anita & Judy