Gorgeous Rafa
Gorgeous Rafa

Pet Corner: These dogs need forever homes

APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, has quite a few success stories. There are wonderful people out there who actually do care.

Almost to a year, Blondie was rehomed and became Maya via her pet-loving owners Mireia and Rupert. Article ‘Golden Oldies’ attracted new homes for Ela and Daisy. November 2021 was a good time for APAA.

Then Poppy, featured in a December article, found a home soon after.

Following into the new year was Dobby, or Doby, re-homed when David, a nice Swedish guy, came along. Suzy, looking after Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande) for a while, took Reiji (who? Sorry, Roger) in February 2022 to keep her doggie company. Lisa Dowling found Buster (aka George) a home after wandering the streets for far too long.

A kindly chappie took on a very pregnant female in May 2022, eventually finding homes specifically for Cosmo and Wanda. Sebby, a lovely German Shepherd, was re-homed with Rosalinde a couple of months ago.

Cats, you ask. Purring along nicely are Sootie, Puffie and Marmaduke. A guinea pig called Rocky found a friend called Basil.

Loyal Lilly
Loyal Lilly

These dogs need loving homes!

No, it’s no good standing on our laurels, as they say. We still have to keep our ears pricked up and sniff around.

There’s Dusty, our bin girl, now a real shiny black beauty; loyal beige Lilly – both Podengos; larger doggies, cuddly buddly Nina, Rover, a spritely younger dog, and gorgeous Rafa, a German Shepherd-type.

Of course, dear reader, you are absolutely right, a dog is for life. But the clock is ticking on. They are waiting for their forever home patiently at Pet Park. What are you waiting for? Visit them and take a treat.

Dusty the bin girl
Dusty the bin girl

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Abandoned dogs: Gary and Wendy at Pet Park – 926 660 465