Time for a treat (Anita and her seven abandonees)
Time for a treat (Anita and her seven abandonees)

Pet Corner: The unspeakable … in pursuit of the uneatable

This was Oscar Wilde describing fox hunting. The Grand National attracted animal rights, gambling against time and authority at Aintree.

The “unspeakable” are humans who choose to pursue specific sports using animals. Hunters will defend their ‘game’ by declaring they eat their kill.

China recently celebrated its ‘Dog Meat Market Day’. Thousands upon thousands of dogs are butchered annually. They are not humanely killed before preparation for cooking. Tourists accidentally lured to the markets with cameras in the belief it is a ‘Dog Sale’. But no. They find not only dogs but also rats hanging by their tails, ‘Peking’ style. Not so many cats though; they are far too clever or have run out of their nine lives. Guinea pigs in Peru are farmed for their culinary purposes. It is a matter of humanity against the animal kingdom.

Bears are reared for their bile, kept for years in tightly crammed cages. Perhaps it would be a kindness to allow them a short but meaningful life in the wild.

Where one sits on this long fence is not for anyone to decide – it is a personal choice. Perhaps approaching this with knowledge that something can and will be done to protect the lives of animals, no matter what, where, or how, would be an advantage for them.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) is a small but long-standing group of people who believe in helping animals.

Jenny at Jollys (recent ‘Pop-Up’)
Jenny at Jollys (recent ‘Pop-Up’)

APAA has been in existence for almost 30 years. Its beliefs are strongly based on the animal population in existence in the Algarve. Issues affecting dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and the occasional horsey problem have arisen in the past and dealt with effectively.

Within APAA’s group are people of differing backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. The one most important ideal is that animals should be treated with respect, at the minimum.

SNiP, APAA’s Spaying and Neutering Programme, is a well-thought, balanced approach to how to deal with the explosion of the cat population. Cat colonies exist because of the hard work put into their survival – trapping feral felines, sterilising and releasing them into a safe, well fed, cared for compound.  Canines are taken into care and, wherever possible, re-homed. Sometimes they have to go to a shelter first; then luckily fostered by animal lovers; and, finally, a forever after home.

Funding activities include APAA’s two charity shops (Alvor and Silves), ‘Pop-Up’ events, and lunch and dinner venues. Something worthwhile, which will attract the community to spend some time and money on the creatures who need care and have fun while doing it.

Upcoming events

  • Anita’s splendid ‘Kings & Queens’ Garden Buffet Luncheon on Sunday, April 30 at 1pm. Cost is €20 per person. Contact Jenny on 919 041 903 or email [email protected]
  • ‘Pop-Ups’ will take place at the Holiday Inn Armação de Pêra, Friday, May 12, 11am-2pm; and at Manu Snack Bar, Figueira (Portimão), Sunday, May 21, 11am-2pm.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit www.apaaportugal.com