Cheque will do – Anita and client

Pet corner – Saints and sinners: The good and the bad in the life of pets

APAA’s April 15 Pop-Up at O Tasco restaurant on Good Friday was indeed a goodun, as we Brits would say. From the moment Pop-Up Queen Anita set up stall, she was taking money. Sandwich board out, goodies already priced, all looking for a good home … as are some of our beloved four-legged ones.

A few of APAA’s visitors at the restaurant in Senhora do Verde, outside Portimão, had never heard of APAA or their work.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve is quite a mouthful! Continually striving to raise money for the expensive work of neutering and spaying animals, ‘SNiP’ provides the vets with pets for sterilisation and treatment for ailments. Most of these animals are, or have been, abandoned. Someone is looking after them, but they need to be taken off the ‘Risk List’.

‘Cosmo’ Bro

Twelve or more cat colonies are run by Zélia Santos and friends. Each colony has at least 20 or 30 cats. Some more! The abandonment of animals shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Learning how and who does the abandoning is quite a shock. Cruelly, deliberately, taking a scared, trusting, loyal animal into the ‘unknown’ territories to be “dumped”. Hearing stories daily from educated, sensible, wealthy people of how they accomplished this crime never ceases to amaze the listener. Sometimes, the ‘dumpee’ struggles back, only to be re-dumped, even farther afield. The dog probably dying in the attempt to reach what it once called “home”.

Got the money, honey

Luckily, there are saviours, rescuers, helpers, hidden in pockets of the Algarve, quietly doing their thing, which luckily counter balances the cruel dumpers of our world.

APAA’s loving, caring hands also need help. The situation with Covid returning to the “new normal” has left many people wondering how to pay their bills. Fixed pension, low wage, zero contracts, all come into mind.

In short, APAA, needs your kind donations, whether by attending a Pop-Up or visiting their charity shops, homing a beautiful, abandoned animal … a best friend for life. Loyal, loving and in need.

‘Wanda’ Sis

We will call our canine caring friend ‘Dave’ who has adopted several abandoned animals. With the help of APAA, and his own deep devotion, he manages. But a recent heavily pregnant, newcomer had puppies. He is looking for a home for two of them. So here is the challenge, instead of getting a ‘designer’ doggie, think about one of these gorgeous puppies, ‘Cosmo’ and ‘Wanda’. Good, loving homes are needed now!

For dogs, contact APAA’s Jenny Clarke: [email protected]

For cats, contact Zélia: [email protected]

Charity Shops: Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 12.30pm-2pm; Silves, Rua Elias Garcias, 20, Monday-Saturday, 12pm-2pm.