Posh pup nº1
Posh pup nº1

Pet Corner: Posh paws. Good cause.

Three puppies were deserted just before Christmas, still attached to their umbilical cords. Strikes horror in everyone’s heart, apart from the person who dumped them.

As luck would have it, they were found, placed into a warm basket and rushed to an APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) member. They were fed, nourished and cared for until appropriate time to be checked, ‘SNiP’d’ and happily re-homed. Check out ‘Pup Nº1’, a very posh canine woof.

APAA introduced their ‘Spaying and Neutering Programme’ (SNiP) some 30 years ago – even more importantly now, with abandoned animals on the rise.

Feral cats are re-grouped wherever possible into Zélia Santos’ cat colonies, positioned around the Algarve.

APAA’s motto is ‘here to help’. And it does. APAA is there for anyone who needs a helping hand with looking after stray animals. Re-homing can be a bit of a struggle with their home care or being fed on the street. With felines, some are fortunately lured, trapped, SNiP’d and re-located. Their numbers are growing, and “getting enough cat food can be a nightmare”, Jenny Clarke, APAA president, admits. “Dog food is always available. But please don’t stop giving!”

Fundraising is done through the kind generosity of the public. Their two charity shops in Alvor and Silves provide heaps of wonderful goods for their ever-increasing ‘Pop-Up’ Shops. Head of the ‘Pop-Ups’ Anita is always trying to find a theme, or a method of selling some of the more esoteric of their goodies. One past venue managed to raise almost €1,000, with rare, vintage and classic items.

Said Anita: “We can’t thank people enough for their generosity of spirit even during the hard times.”

Knees up (ARA Legacy launch lunch at Fonte da Pedra)
Knees up (ARA Legacy launch lunch at Fonte da Pedra)

Anita and Jenny are continually looking out for the unusual: hand-made peg-bags, key rings, knitted baby clothes, jams, preserves, marmalades and chutneys. “The apple and ginger was a sell-out,” Jenny has to admit. “… orders were pouring in.” Jackie’s cookies are mouth-watering and always a popular item at the ‘Pop-Ups’.

APAA’s venues are always a huge success. As was their sell-out lunch at Fonte da Pedra, between Mexilhoeira Grande and Alcalar. Always bringing animal awareness and welfare to the heart of their community, APAA announced their endorsement of ARA ‘Legacy For Pets’ campaign. Both Jenny and Anita are seeking to resolve their long issue of what happens to their own abandoned/re-homed pets when their owners die. “Some people are just not comfortable with talking about it,” Jenny is right. Few people admit that discussing Wills is a problem. Family and friends are looked after. But what about pets?

Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA), owned by Sid Richardson, is a large rescue shelter just outside of Loulé. ‘Cabanita’ is run by General Manager João Ferreira and team, who re-home 30 animals a month. Why not check it out and learn more about the ARA ‘Legacy For Pets’ campaign?

Next Pop-Up

On Thursday, April 6, at O Tasco in Senhora do Verde (Portimão), from 12 noon-3pm. “We have wonderful items from both our charity shops (Silves and Alvor),” said Anita. Book lunch at O Tasco on 282 471 769.