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Pet Corner: Never say never

Some humans know only too well what the word ‘abandoned’ really means. Dogs, unfortunately, know even more about being dumped. It is the worst thing that can happen to an animal, or shall we say “man’s best friend”…

Indeed, it is even more humiliating to find that an abandoned dog had a good home, was loved, fed and watered, but suddenly, somewhere, something has gone terribly wrong. Love has disappeared. Shut-off. Furry friend has become a lodger, bed unkempt, irregular exercise and food, attention nil. The waggy tail replaced by a droop. Ears all agog, closed. Its world has become a silent monotony.

The incidence of unintentional lack of animal welfare has risen. It is an unfortunate sign of our times, where petty and uncaring behaviour is more obvious. We read it, we see it, we hear it.

The worldwide web is part of our daily lives. Unavoidable. But time ticks on. The longer the problem is left, the more difficult it becomes to resolve. The dog is either “shunted” off somewhere, or it decides to take off. Heart-breaking.

Like humans, animals need love and attention (not a lot), a clean bed, a plate of food, fresh water, exercise, a pat on the head. Never say never, it is happening everywhere.

Charities’ hearts are large and giving. They need people in their community who can stand up to the plate, reach into their pockets and give a donation. ‘Here to Help’ is APAA’s motto, and it needs help from you.

The equinox and the change of clocks. Spring has finally arrived. It’s time to look for things to do and organise.

Events are another way in which the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) raises money for their ongoing SNiP campaign, gathering in money for abandoned animals, so that feral cats, for instance, can be sterilised and released, dogs spayed or neutered, and re-homed.

Fonte da Pedra, between Mexilhoeira Grande and Alcalar, will be hosting their Saturday, April 1 lunch at 1pm, with music by John Corrigan and friends playing whilst you enjoy food and friends. The ARA ‘Legacy for Pets’ will be launched. APAA are endorsing the ARA project and ateam will be on hand to explain and introduce their new exciting scheme.

To book for lunch, contact Jenny on 919 041 903 or email [email protected].

For information about ‘Pet Legacy’, email [email protected]