João Ferreira from ARA
João Ferreira from ARA during the IRA (animal welfare organisation) protest in Lisbon – Photo: Ruben Correia

Pet corner: Marching with one voice

Whilst APAA’s work is based in a specific area – SNiP’ing and re-homing abandoned animals – the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve hand-hold various other groups and associations elsewhere, even as far as the Alentejo.

The respect of animals and their welfare is synonymous with APAA. On January 23, thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and beliefs protested in Lisbon asking the Portuguese government to re-think its plans to de-criminalise the harming of animals.

Some protesters had travelled the length and breadth of the country to make their voices heard. João Ferreira of ARA, Animal Rescue Association, had joined the group who angrily, but correctly and in a composed manner, made their point clear. “Animals are not here to be harmed or mistreated. This should be unlawful.” His point is clarified starkly by the images his photographer friend, Ruben Correia, had taken, capturing the intensity of the mood of the crowd.

Jenny Clarke, APAA’s president, says. “The shelters that are set-up all over the Algarve show solidarity and help each other whenever it is possible. But we also have to rely on the hearts and minds of the public to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our animals.” It is a tense moment.

Alexey M will perform at O Tasco charity dinner – Photo: A. MARTINEZ
Alexey M will perform at O Tasco charity dinner – Photo: A. MARTINEZ

“Serious thinking is required. Legislations are made for a reason. The protest in Lisbon highlights the need for reinforcement, not reduction of animal rights.”

Jenny’s pensive face lights up: “But thank heavens we have hearts and caring people all around the Algarve.”

A way of supporting APAA is by attending their events and ‘Pop-Ups’.

Diary dates

  • Tasco charity dinner, Portimão, Wednesday, March 1, 7.30pm. A gastronomic evening of pure pleasure, with melodic singing by The Voice’s charismatic Cuban, Alexey Martinez. Winner of the Spanish competition, he will be performing at O Tasco, rendering his own talented harmonious style of songs. This will be his debut appearance here in Portugal. A winner for sure!
  • Pop-Up at Casa de Pasto A Parreirinha, Odelouca road to Silves, Friday, March 3, 4pm-6pm. Everything and anything. Organiser Anita says: “This is a DIY Pop-Up, featuring tools for the home and gardening equipment, electrical and mechanical.” Man-cave gear? “Lots for the women as well,” she smiles. “You’ll never know until you pop-in.” Don’t forget all ‘Pop-Ups’ have home-made jams, preserves and chutneys.

Contact Jenny for O Tasco Charity dinner on 919041903 or email [email protected]. General: [email protected]