Recanto dos Mouros, Silves
Recanto dos Mouros, Silves

Pet Corner: In fond remembrance

‘Time and tide wait for no man’ … so the saying goes. It is true that when we get to a certain time of the year, our thoughts stray to our nearest and dearest.

They may be far away across the land or sea, thriving with their family, or thoughts with cherished friends, people we shared our lives with. Fond memories.

Some of our dearest thoughts will be with those we have lost and cherished, nevertheless, near to us for all time. Also, our furry felines and cuddly canines, along with countless, budgies, guinea pigs, mice … All friends we have laughed at and cried over.

APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, has many members making contributions throughout the years. Followers who have given time, homes, food to the wanting, rescuing dustbin dogs and helping with cat recovery. These are caring, helping hands.

‘Pop-Ups’ are becoming a fable in their own right. How else can you describe the winning of hearts and minds when Jenny, APAA president, came up with the outlandish but fabulous idea? It has been a truly successful story.

Judy is always helping out
Judy is always helping out

“Everyone involved has truly played their parts!” Jenny is busily ticking off her checklist, having just returned from a well-earned holiday and a birthday celebration combined.

“There are a few names,” she chuckles. “They hate being mentioned, if at all!” So?

“Anita is our great ‘Pop-Up’ Persona. Judy is always helping out. We can’t not mention our stalwart ‘Pop-Up’ devotees, they are like camp followers. Always there, wallets and purses at the ready! There are so many people working in the background to help us with handmade, eye-catching goodies.”

Taking a break from baking her infamous shortbread cookies is treasurer Jackie. Jane is stalwart ‘third’ of the inner circle running Silves charity shop, quietly assisting in the background.

SNiP (Spaying and Neutering Programme) has been APAA’s driving force throughout the year, tackling the necessary burden of helping out abandoned dogs and Zélia’s countless cat colonies. “A costly enterprise, but it works!” Jenny adds. “Thanks everyone!”

Christmas Fayre in Silves

Next? All you could wish for! An extra special Christmas Fayre at Recanto dos Mouros in Silves on December 9, from 12 noon to 3pm, featuring artist Gill Goode and Fiona’s Fi-Line Fashions. To book for lunch, email Jenny at – members €20, non-members €22.50.

This is the last event of the year. Make sure you get all your Christmas pressies now! Don’t leave it to the last minute. Wreathes, peg-bags, jewellery, ornaments, glassware and much more. You name it, they’ve got it!

For more information, contact Jenny Clarke on email or visit – also check out APAA’s Facebook page

For bookings at Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande) and re-homing ‘Rafa’, ‘Lilly’ or ‘Dusty’, call Gary and Wendy on 926 660 465.

Cat colonies:

Charity Shops

  • Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm (Sat 1pm) Packed with quality goodies. Bring or buy!