Judy’s two kitties
Judy’s two kitties

Pet Corner: Hot off the press…

Jenny Clarke’s voice disappeared somewhere along the motorway. In her care, as president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), a rescue animal. The line had gone in between disclosure of her situation and a fire breaking out on the horizon.

João Ferreira of Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) shelter at Cabanita, Loulé, would be waiting to greet the newcomer. A young female, left apparently to starve. Having been microchipped, it is legally required for anyone to check the dog’s identity and ownership should the owner wish to reclaim the dog.

The ‘Pointer’ had to be found a home, quickly, because of its distressing state of health. Everyone involved, sadly, realises that often when an animal is re-homed, it isn’t for the best of the animal’s future outcome.

That is another reason for ARA’s ‘Legacy for Pets’ to continue its worthy cause, thus avoiding handing a dog over on trust to a stranger. A simple procedure, with little paperwork, will ensure a future fit for your feline or canine pet. A proper forever home.

João Ferreira, general manager of ARA’s shelter ‘Cabanita’
João Ferreira, general manager of ARA’s shelter ‘Cabanita’

“Sometimes we just have to do what is necessary for the animal.” Once the ownership and refusal to accept responsibility is ascertained, APAA, or for that matter any other charity, would follow the same steps.

Of course, under fire conditions, as we are in Portugal, especially the hotter-than-usual weather with spontaneous fires breaking out, trying to stay calm and cool is a hard order. APAA press on regardless.

The two kittens Judy adopted out of the blue literally a few weeks ago have come on beautifully. “They and my two dogs have settled in, and everyone has a place.” Which only proves, if you can get feral kittens early enough and a loving, patient environment, then you can have an award-winning situation for all concerned. High five, Judy!

Coming up

  • On Saturday, September 23 in Portimão’s Enchanted Garden, jazz and snacks with ‘Loosewig’. €15 admission, which includes a €5 donation, which will be split between the Portimão’s Soup Kitchen and APAA.
  • Put on your dancing shoes for a special stepping out at Ponte Romana in Silves on Friday, October 20. A 60s/70s themed evening with Poor Man’s Band.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the next season’s ‘Pop-Up’ Shops. Anita, ‘Pop-Up’ head girl, Jenny and team will be rummaging about their charity shops in Alvor and Silves for those “special thingies” that someone didn’t want but another’s treasured find!

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