Pet corner – December, a time for reflection

December … the month of lists, things to buy, things to do! The end of one year, the dawn of another. This is a time for reflection.

Volunteers at APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) are strutting their stuff – an ingenious, innovative idea of ‘Pop-Up’ shops, which are proving both popular and successful.

Their charity shops in Alvor and Silves are doing well, but Pop-Ups give APAA a change of venue and more opportunity to bring their “stuff” to the public. You just have to ‘pop in’!

APAA’s Anita Wight artfully ducks the camera whilst setting out the goodies at O Tasco in Senhora do Verde, Portimão (Pop-Up tomorrow, December 1, from 12 noon to 2pm). “Logistically, Pop-Ups need practical planning, getting the sale items from A to B via pick-ups and drop-offs. Chutneys, cat cage, enough Christmas cards and calendars, finding and booking friendly venues, posters, press notices and perhaps some patience!”

Cars loaded and unloaded, lots of carrying involved, some cursing … but, in the end, everything falls in place, friendly faces all around and they are raring to go!

Jenny Clarke, President of APAA, points out: “We keep on asking the same people to continually stick their necks out. People are central to the survival of APAA and our animals. We are totally dependent on your good will.”

Stray cats and abandoned dogs don’t disappear, they still need feeding and veterinarian care. That friendly, furry friend is for good. Not here today, gone tomorrow.

Caroline of Pet Park, who is indeed a foster parent to abandoned canines and felines, says: “Unfortunately, this is the worst time of the year.” Caroline nods. “The dumping season is upon us.”

Caroline and APAA work with support from Portimão municipality, as does Zélia who can testify her cat colonies are reaching bursting point.

APAA, with the Resident’s help, are determinedly continuing their campaign to re-home cats and dogs, so extra helping hands are always needed!

Appealing ‘Poppy’

Meet ‘Poppy’, around two years old. She is a young, very energetic dog, so would be good for someone who wants a loving, intelligent, friend. House trained, she loves her home comforts and time to play too. Good with other dogs, but a little shy with strangers. Why not pop in and see Poppy? Or, for that matter, any of the other dogs at Pet Park. Just in time for making this Christmas full of joy!

For re-homing a dog, email Carol at [email protected] or Jenny Clarke at [email protected] (

To help with cat colonies, email [email protected]

APAA charity shops
• Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday to Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
• Silves, Rua Elias Garcias, 20, Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm

Pet corner- December, a time for reflection

Pet corner- December, a time for reflection

Pet corner- December, a time for reflection
Caroline England, Pet Park

Pet corner- December, a time for reflection