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Pet Corner: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction? That is the question

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is the answer. The problem is the detection of CCD early enough to either delay or treat it effectively. It is a doggy version of human dementia.

Whilst we know little enough of the human kind, it’s inner-workings. The canine version follows the same path. However, dogs do not talk. We can only tell by behaviour and what was normal suddenly changing.

Becoming ‘odd’. Sitting facing a wall, for lengthy periods of time. Sleeping most of the day and more active at night. Barking at friends, hiding behind furniture and other behavioural changes. Interaction with an older dog and trying to adjust habitual routines is always more difficult, as they have become set in their ways.

But now, changes are becoming more evident. Wandering around, ignoring your orders, pleas, whistles and treats. Attention span zero.

Kindness and consideration, holding the animal close and being affectionate whilst encouraging it, quietly coaxing if necessary, onto its bed at the normal time. Walking with your pet outside to have exercise, where it may have gone happily on its own before.

Gently discouraging any unwanted, unnecessary woofing at the wall in the early hours. Ear plugs. Perhaps a little bit of gentle mood music. Consult with your vet.

Clinics are only too aware of the growing problem within the animal kingdom, they too are living longer than the normal span of ‘yesteryear’.

As long as your beloved furry friend is happy, not self-harming, or being overly aggressive with humans or other animals then it should be treatable.

There are ways of calming animals without being too disruptive. Alternative medications and remedies are popular during this time for both owner and pet!

Check your farmácia or go online! You, your canine friend and vet will know when it is time to say ‘goodbye’. Up until then, enjoy the old friend and companion as you used to with love.

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