Pet Corner: Blondie’s makeover
Blondie, now named ‘Maya’, in her new home

Pet Corner: Blondie’s makeover

Blondie was unavoidably detained at Pet Park, where she and her five siblings had been temporarily deposited. They were due to be shipped out to Germany via the Alentejo for re-homing. Blondie had a damaged leg, which meant no travelling. Abandoned, and then deserted, by her fellow pups!

Blondie is a Podengo, a very prestigious breed here in Portugal. A natural hunter. Honed-in radar-like hearing with inbred instincts. They are fearless, fast moving, loyal and obedient dogs. Blondie missed her family and desperately needed a home.

Enter Mireia and Rupert who had encountered Blondie’s tale and decided to arrange a visit at Pet Park.

“A match made in heaven,” says Jenny Clarke, president of APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve). “It’s always heartening to see dogs homed. But this was special!” Jenny was right. Later, APAA and Pet Park received videos, photos and an up-to-date report from Blondie’s new ‘parents’. “Maya has settled in very well since her arrival.”

Just a minute! Maya? Who is Maya? Blondie, of course!

“After her first day, she was already confident around the house and sprinting in the garden. Maya is a fast learner and very clever. A little scared of things she doesn’t know … birds, her own shadow… She’s hilarious!

“Maya has evolved so much, even within the first week. We meet other families with dogs. She is now learning to play and socialise. Sometimes we allow her off the leash for a good run to burn off all that energy and its impressive how quickly she comes back to us,” Mireia and Rupert are delighted.

“She sleeps like a baby at night. The thing we most love about her is when we wake up and she jumps into our bed for cuddles. She’s our baby girl.”

Caroline England from Pet Park confirms their closeness. “From the way Mireia writes, you can tell that there was an instantaneous bonding between Blondie and her new parents. The videos are a real testament to their happiness.”

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Pet Corner: Blondie’s makeover
Hand over that dog! Mireia and Rupert with Jenny Clarke from APAA (centre)
Pet Corner: Blondie’s makeover
Blondie, now named ‘Maya’, in her new home
Pet Corner: Blondie’s makeover
Blondie as first seen in the Resident’s article ‘Straight talking’