Sebby finally found a forever home in Alvor!
Sebby finally found a forever home in Alvor!

Pet Corner – Adventures on Planet APAA

It’s ‘Pop-Up’ time on Planet APAA and their special SNiP sleigh is loaded with goodies, ready for take-off.

The Spaying and Neutering Programme (SNiP) will inevitably be pushed to its limits as, at this time of year, dogs will unfortunately get dumped by the wayside.

The old unwanted giving way to the new. Sad but true. Ladies are abandoned with their unwanted litter of pups, hungry and in poor health. Luckily, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) picks up the pieces on the community’s behalf. But in-between the ‘happy ever after’ is the continual care, cost and helping hands, not too proud to ask for donations, taking their ‘Pop-Up’ venues further afield.

APAA are proud to announce their next set of venues, so hold on and fasten seatbelts for an interesting and hectic ride.

Before take-off, a reminder that nine-year-old ‘Sebby’, a German Shepherd that spent a little time with Pet Park, has finally found a forever home in Alvor. Rosalinde, recently widowed, is delighted: “He’s such an intelligent, loving chap. He fills a huge space. Thanks to everyone involved.” Woof!

Upcoming events

  • Posh ‘Pop-Up’ at Holiday Inn in Armação da Pêra on Tuesday, November 15, from 11am to 2pm;
  • Bacchus Bar along the EN125 Porches, on Monday, November 21, from 11am to 1pm. Check out APAA’s special Christmas table with home-made crocheted keyrings, Christmas wreathes, preserves and jams, Gill Goode’s APAA Christmas Cards, the 2023 APAA Calendar (a collection of photographed pets sponsored by their owners to cover the printing charges) at only €6 – a treat!
  • A leisurely stop at O Tasco at Senhora do Verde (Portimão) on Friday, December 2, from 12 noon to 3pm. There’s a real Christmassy feel to the fair. This time a full-blown ‘Pop-Up’. Christmas goods combined with ornaments, nice things for the home or a present or two. Always a good lunch on the menu.
  • Flying onwards and upwards to Recanto dos Mouros in Silves on Friday, December 9, from 12 noon to 3pm. A welcoming restaurant with full view of the castle. Extra special Christmas goodies and more with Gill Goode and Fiona’s Fi-Line fashions. Another good lunch. Diet after Christmas!
  • Running out of puff or petrol? How about a fill up at A Parreirinha Restaurant, Odelouca, near Silves, on Friday, December 16. A post-lunch venue from 4pm to 6pm. Tools, gadgets, antiques, special items, jewellery, Christmas stuff…

Watch out for ‘Pop-Up’ updates throughout the coming weeks. There’s something for everyone!

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