Dandy and Bella
Dandy and Bella

Pet Corner – A wonderful Christmas treat

The raffle held at APAA’s last ‘Pop-Up’ fundraising event at Recanto dos Mouros, Silves, was a bumper special.

Jan Botteril became the proud owner of the speciality ‘Gingerbread House’, built especially by cake architects Pasi and Paul.

The Botterils are long-standing APAA members, deserving of a wonderful treat for Christmas. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s delighted at their turn-out to all their ‘Pop-Ups’.

Jenny Clarke, president, and right-hand woman Anita have finished the long trail getting the wagon loaded and unloaded. “Finally!” beams Jenny. What seemed a lost cause became a real winner. “Thank you to all our wonderful supporters. The list of names would be too long to mention here.”

Jenny and her helpers have started to load the wagon for the last time this year. “I will be thanking everyone personally, one way or another!” Whoa! “Seriously, there are some really special people behind the scenes. They give up their personal time for APAA, not for me, not for themselves. Just for our animal friends.”

Those who care win. “Besides, some of them have expressed their wish to remain unknown, or private, which we take on board.” Quietly doing APAA’s thing in the background, “without them, we wouldn’t be here. Our animals, abandoned, needing care, or otherwise. It doesn’t matter. They are all success stories.”

‘Rafa’, ‘Lilly’ and ‘Dusty’ still need a forever home. In the meantime, Gary and Wendy at Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande) will give them a wonderful foster-home and Christmas. So, what about a faithful friend for the New Year?

Jan Botteril
Jan Botteril

A SNiPpet: When Dandy met Bella

Dandy was a nice-looking French Pug, pedigree, owned by a couple who adored him. Across the road was beautiful Bella, also a French Pug. They went on walks together, became real good friends. Even had sleepovers and, finally, heart pulling as it was, the owners knew that Dandy and Bella were indeed a couple. So, Dandy moved in with Bella. Ahhh! Happy ending, you say. No. Whilst new owner felt Dandy should be neutered, the family did not think Bella should be spayed. Odd? Yes. Dandy’s sense of smell and urges have not gone away, only his ‘repo’ bits. His unwanted interest in Bella still occurs. The answer is simple. Be kind. Think dog, not human.

 APAA Charity Shops

  • Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm (Sat 1pm)

Packed with quality goodies. Buy your last-minute Christmas gifts and decorations. Charity shops are closed on December 24, 25 and 26. All proceeds go to SNiP (Spaying and Neutering Programme).

For more information about the APAA, email Jenny Clarke at info.apaaportugal@gmail.com or visit www.apaaportugal.com and check out Facebook.

For information about dogs needing a home and bookings with Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande), call 926 660 465

Cat Colonies: zelia.santos@live.co.uk. Check out Facebook!

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