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It was with some trepidation that we learnt that Her Majesty the Queen of England was “poorly”

After serving her subjects for 70 years and reaching the age of 96, there was a dimness in our hearts. A deep foreboding. On Thursday, September 8, she passed away peacefully at Balmoral in Scotland, her favourite resting place for holidays with family, greeting her Scottish subjects, indeed being one of them. She worked loyally and continually up to her death, seeing Boris (Johnson) out and Liz (Truss) in.

The Queen loved her corgis and also had a cocker spaniel. There were, of course, numerous other animal allies throughout her kingdom, at each of her different abodes – hunting hounds, palace pals, castle canines. Horses for courses! All serving, as she did, with loyalty and devotion.


 ‘Misty’ – six years of loyal loving service

Anita found ‘Misty’, a podengo, abandoned on the streets of Silves. Eventually, with a lot of coaxing, she managed to get her, with APAA’s help, to Pet Park (Mexilhoeira Grande), which was then run by Sandra.

Jenny Clarke, APAA’s President, has helped many abandoned animals find a temporary nirvana through their long and ongoing connection with Pet Park, together re-homing many such animals, not only directly, but through their network – the Resident, Facebook, members and followers.

‘Misty’ was an older, female dog, suffering the ravages of an over-bred canine. “She was really in bad shape. Her vet bills were horrendous,” Jenny recalls. “Luckily, her new owners helped with paying for treatment. I remember the first call to say she’d settled in was that she had just been given some smoked salmon!”

‘Misty’ follows HM, after only six years of loyal loving service, but she was at least 16 when she went to her ‘Forever, Forever Home’. Those final remaining years in a loving home were paradise on earth.

O Tasco restaurant in Senhora do Verde (Portimão) will host the first of the season’s ‘Pop-Ups’ this Thursday, September 22, from 12 noon to 3pm. The profits from their adventurous venues are in aid of SNiP, APAA’s spaying and neutering programme, not only for abandoned dogs but cat colonies. Lots of goodies. Come and browse and meet friends. Book lunch direct 282 471769.


Pet Park, Gary and Wendy (new management) – 282 011 092 or 926 660 465, email [email protected]

For abandoned animals – APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, Jenny – email [email protected]

Visit or Lisa Dowling APAA’s Facebook pages.


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