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Personalising your pool

WATERAIR IS a leading manufacturer of family swimming pools in kit form, offering an exceptional choice of models to enable you to build a pool that will be an original creation.

Waterair offers over 200,000 different pool designs. With nine different styles available and the choice of four different types of liner, including Waterair’s own exclusive “Marbella” liner, customising your pool has never been more enjoyable.

With the 2007 summer season fast approaching, Waterair has some new products and special offers available for clients. For example, those who choose to have the elegant and wide Roman steps as an entry point into their pool will receive the Escalight lighting system on these steps free of charge.

Many potential pool owners are put off by the necessity of having a pump house on their property. To combat this, Waterair can now provide a stylish poolside shower which has a floor that lifts to reveal a storage area that works as an underground pump house.

What sets Waterair apart from their competitors is the use of their own patented techniques and technology. The framework on Waterair pools is made of thick corrugated steel panels, coated with a quadruple protective system that gives them mechanical strength and an exceptionally long life.


Another new feature at Waterair is the Isoplan, an extra layer of insulation between the liner and the corrugated panels which helps maintain the temperature of your swimming pool. It also serves as additional protection smoothing out the structure’s undulations.

Waterair’s construction techniques mean that the swimming pools are entirely self-supporting and can be installed in all types of natural soil, including on slopes. Most importantly they are resistant to the effects of underground earth tremors, which are commonplace in the Algarve, and therefore immune to water leakage.

Waterair deals directly with the manufacturers in France, meaning that they can offer you quality pools at a low cost.

The show park is located on the EN 125, immediately west of Aqualand. It is open from Monday to Saturday during working hours. To make an appointment with one of the sales team call 937 278 402 / 934 983 643 / 939 217 109 or contact the Parchal office on 282 417 144. Waterair will be at the Art Casa and Algarve Construção exhibitions that take place from April 12 to April 15 at Portimão’s Parque das Feiras e Exposições.