Personal peace and inner satisfaction

By MARGARET BROWN [email protected]

Margaret Brown is one of the Algarve Resident’s longest standing contributors and has lived in the Algarve for more than 20 years.

The recorded animosities of the Old and New Testament and the present war between Israel and Palestine highlight mankind’s inability either to accept that these monotheistic religions worship the same Deity, or to learn from past mistakes.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity agree that there is only one God, the origin and creator of all that exists, an entity understood to be a loving, caring presence providing followers of the three faiths with similar basic rules for peaceful co-existence, and guidance that they may live according to the ways of justice and mercy.

Known as Abrahamic because they are rooted in the belief that God made a covenant with Abraham more than three thousand years ago, “By you all families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3), he is accepted as Patriarch by the three disciplines. Sharing the same principles, each religion requires submission to the laws of God. For millennia, if the rulers of a country object to its neighbour’s religious beliefs or covet its land, seeking to possess what is not theirs either by stealth or armed conflict, trust in God and his word are put on the back burner and jungle law prevails.

Nothing changes and it seems that we may be running out of options after all these years. Perhaps world harmony cannot happen until the majority of individuals have found personal peace and inner satisfaction in their lives, something that is plainly in short supply today. To have a common belief in the laws laid down by a Creator superior in all things to ourselves, one that is motivated by love and directed to the wellbeing of that creation, even at this late stage, offers a way of life leading to peaceful co-existence. Unfortunately, distortion of the fundamental laws of the three religions has led to disaffection, and denigration by those for whom materialism has replaced God.

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