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Perfect prawns


Prawns are quite expensive and, as such, we like to enjoy them on their own with just the addition of a little garlic mayonnaise.

When making your purchase I cannot recommend Continente too highly.  But making your choice is important. Being tempted to buy the largest possible prawns for a special occasion is not always the best choice.

For me, the best are those generally at a price of around 17 euros per kilo and providing approximately 30 prawns per kilo.

Cooking is simple and this method produces juicy results.  


• Frozen prawns.

• Ready-made mayonnaise.

• Clove of garlic.


Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add one tablespoon of oil. Plunge the frozen prawns into the pan and cover. Bring back to the boil and immediately the water boils turn the heat off.  

Leave the pan covered for two minutes.

Drain and serve the prawns. Overcooking ensures you will have rubbery pieces of tasteless quite expensive nastiness.

For the mayonnaise, use a good quality ready-made mayonnaise and add a clove of really fresh crushed garlic. Serve with lots of paper serviettes or kitchen paper and small bowls of warm water in which you float a piece of sliced lemon.