Pêra supermarket robbed for fifth time

POLICE HAVE charged five Romanians, three men and two women, aged between 18 and 40, with stealing goods from a supermarket in Pêra. The group cleared a shelf full of shampoo, hairspray and various beauty products worth in the region of 400 euros. It is the fifth time the supermarket, located in Rua João de Deus, Pêra, has been robbed in the last two months.

According to a recent report in Correio da Manhã newspaper, the thieves, two couples and a 10-year-old girl, entered the store at around 3.30pm and made their way to the personal hygiene section. Shortly afterwards, one of them paid for some water and a loaf of bread, which turned out to be a diversion tactic for the others to flee the premises, laden with bags full of stolen goods. The supermarket owner chased the group until they reached a car, an Audi 80, in which a third man was waiting for them to drive off.

The GNR were immediately alerted to the situation and sent a patrol car to intercept the thieves on the A22. The detainees were due to appear at Silves Courthouse.