People told to stay away from clifftops after rock fall at Praia da Luz

The Algarve’s environmental agency (APA Algarve) is warning people to stay away from clifftops after a huge rock fall took place at Praia da Luz on Wednesday morning (October 14).

“Luckily no one was hurt, but people must be aware that cliffs are even riskier when it rains,” APA Algarve president Sebastião Teixeira told the Resident.

A photo of the impressive rock fall was sent to us by reader Jackie Dawson.

“At the largest point of the cliffs, the rock face completely collapsed with a huge roar falling into the cove and sea at the end of the beach,” she said after witnessing the scene.

Teixeira told our newspaper that maritime police have closed off the area around the rockfall, and that it is expected that the sea will clear away the debris.

“This is how nature works. It’s a natural phenomenon that becomes more common during the winter. These kinds of cliffs can experience rock falls even five days after it has rained,” he explained.

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