“People are going hungry”: Struggling restaurant owners hold protest in Lagos

A group of restaurant owners held a demonstration in Lagos today (February 15) to highlight the difficulties they are facing as a result of Portugal’s State of Emergency restrictions.

In fact, one of the protestors was filmed by TV cameras sitting below a mock gallows with a rope tied around his neck to demonstrate how this latest lockdown is “strangling” the sector.

“We are being massacred and don’t know how much longer we’ll survive,” one of the demonstrators told CMTV in front of the Aqui Há Gato coffee shop, complaining that the support measures that have been launched by the government so far are “insufficient”.

“Either we have to be given the conditions to work, or the government has to keep us ‘alive’ during the lockdown,” he added.

Another protestor said there are people who are actually “going hungry” due to the difficulties they are facing.

“Some are too embarrassed to admit it, because it is truly embarrassing that this is happening,” the restaurateur said.

On Friday, a similar protest was held in front of Portimão town hall by citizens who have seen their livelihoods threatened by the lockdown (click here).

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