People aged 65 or older can now schedule Covid-19 booster and flu shot

Portugal’s national health board (DGS) has announced that its self-scheduling platform for Covid-19 booster and flu shots is now open to people aged 65 or older.
Those looking to receive either or both of the shots need only to (click here) and schedule the location and date.

An “Open House” regime is in place for people aged 75 or older. DGS recommends that these citizens check the timetable of their local vaccination centre before travelling there for their vaccines.

DGS data shows that around 608,000 have already received a booster shot in Portugal.

Meanwhile, over 1.3 million flu shots have been administered, while 393,000 people have received the Covid booster and flu vaccine simultaneously.

Citizens continue to receive phone texts encouraging them to get vaccinated.

“Vaccination is the best way to protect the most vulnerable, especially at this time of year when temperatures are lower,” the health board says in a statement.

Prime Minister António Costa and President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa have highlighted the role that the country’s vaccination drive has played in keeping the situation in Portugal under control and stressed the importance of the third dose of the vaccine being administered to those aged over 65 (click here).