Pensioners injured as “out-of-control” car crashes into Lagoa market

A man described as “foreign and aged around 75” lost control of his car and crashed into the entrance of Lagoa’s municipal market on Wednesday morning (June 26) hitting another elderly man who was standing outside the building.

Both were taken to Portimão Hospital sustaining minor injuries, according to local newspaper Lagoa Informa.

Witnesses told the paper that the driver had trouble controlling the “automatic vehicle”.

“The man had his car parked near the market. When he got inside and accelerated, the car did a half turn, hit a vase and streetlamp, and only stopped when it crashed into the market’s entrance,” said a local butcher.

People standing outside the market were able to dodge the car except for the octogenarian man who was hit and projected into the market.

A source from the regional rescue operation command (CDOS) confirmed that it was alerted about the accident at around 11.46am but was unaware of the cause of the accident.