Pensioners hit hard

Dear Editor,

Just what is this government doing to the poor, families and especially the elderly? Not just rises in IVA and electricity charges but elsewhere, hitting them at all levels. We have a Portuguese surgery, which sometimes has a doctor as well. The waiting area is always full of the elderly; by their age, they normally need more care.

Last year, the charge to see their doctor was €1.15. Now, it is €5, no concession for the elderly; and other medical charges? Also, despite what our PM says are his aims, bureaucracy has increased. From April, the tax allowance for OAPs will be reduced by almost €2,000 to €4,014.

Increased costs from the government and then wanting tax off them. How uncaring has Portugal, our society, sunk so low? I expect when our President retires to his Algarve home, and local MPs, they will not suffer as their neighbours will!

D TAYLOR-SMITH, by email

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