Pensioners discovered in freezing makeshift garage ‘home’

Ten elderly pensioners were discovered ’in a garage near Tomar this week: their beds piled up, and “conditions” not even meeting minimum standards.

The horrific story, involving at least one centenarian, has shocked the country with relatives who left loved ones to be ‘cared for’ now in an uncomfortable spotlight.

One has told reporters that she found her 83-year-old father “dirty and freezing” when she went to visit him.

The situation resulted from Social Services closing the original premises of a home that cared for the old folk.

As the female proprietor told reporters: “When they closed the home, they did not take the guests with them. I could not put them in the street…”

National tabloid Correio da Manhã wrote on Tuesday that it has tried to be in touch with Social Services for a comment, to no avail.

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