Pensioner found dead in Guia, with hands and feet tied

Breaking news from Guia, Albufeira, this morning is that an 84-year-old man has been found dead, with his hands and feet tied, in his home near the Arsénio Catuno football ground.

Police are investigating, but reports stress “there are clear indications that this is a case of murder”.

The macabre discovery was made shortly before 9.30 this morning by a family member.

A Correio da Manhã news team has since arrived at the scene, and suggests that signs for the time being point to the dead man having been a victim of a burglary.

A Portuguese former emigré, he lived alone, and used to sell fruit and vegetables at the local market.

It was his absence at the market – and the presence of his van still outside the house this morning – that seems to have first alerted relatives that something was not right.

Death was declared ‘at the spot’ by INEM emergency authorities, and for now forensic teams are collecting evidence.

Update Friday:

The dead man has been identified as Álvaro Paderna, a widow, who lived alone although he is believed to have been in a relationship with a “younger woman” who friends have told investigators “occasionally asked for money”.

CM this morning claims PJ police are trying to locate the woman.

Meantime, shocked friends of the victim have said that they did not know of him having any enemies.

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