Manuel Pinho has been under house arrest for over a year following his failure to meet a €6 million bail surety

Pension restored – and flipper machine! Partial good news for Manuel Pinho

Former economy minister Manuel Pinho has received some good news today, as the Court of Appeal in Lisbon, ruled favourably on part of his defence team’s latest appeal. Mr Pinho has been under house arrest since December 2021 over allegations of corruption, money laundering and fiscal fraud in an investigation that has been running for many years. He remains under house arrest, but his €26,000 a month pension has been restored, along with a number of items removed from his home during police searches last year, including bottles of wine, golf clubs and a flipper machine. Judges in Lisbon ruled none of these items had anything to do with the crimes facing Mr Pinho, whose wife Alexandra is also facing various charges.