Penguin migrates!

Energy-efficiency specialists Penguin have moved to larger premises. Situated at the west end of Almancil’s main road, by the furthest roundabout, the bright yellow building with its amusing cartoon logo has drawn considerable attention – and smiles.

“The location is already being called ‘Penguin roundabout’ by some locals”, said Chris Blackburn, the company’s director.

“We’d simply out-grown our old premises. We’ve now a dozen staff plus a fleet of six vehicles. Our new premises offer improved parking for ourselves and our clients, easier access for deliveries, workshop facilities, a display area and a meeting room.”

Part of the new building is shared with the construction company, Project Casa, specialists in steel-frame construction and wooden homes.

Chris said: “There’s a useful synergy in working alongside Project Casa. Steel-frame construction lends itself to the latest energy-efficient systems – which is where we come in.”  

Since opening for business in 2008, with a team of four, Penguin have evolved from solely air-conditioning to a range of energy-efficient technologies: solar, photovoltaic, heat pumps and heat exchangers; applied to various aspects of cooling and heating – underfloor, radiators, pools, domestic hot water etc. The business now includes Portuguese-certified building and electrician skills, to offer all the resources in-house for a broad range of projects.

“We’re still progressing despite the difficult market”, Chris Blackburn concluded.

“Penguins thrive in a challenging environment!”

For more information, please contact Penguin on: 289 092 595 or email on: [email protected] or visit: