Penal Code needs changing

Dear Editor, 

Portugal should change its Penal Code as there is no other alternative!

I have just read your articles on crime in the Algarve. I had an attempted break in last Thursday at my home in Albufeira.

I was in the house but the downstairs lights were off. There was one man trying to force the patio doors open. When I heard the noise, I shouted and he ran off. 

My house is part of a small condominium (seven houses), to the rear of the houses is a pool with lights and a gate.

The man had climbed over the gate and passed five of the houses to reach my property.

I appreciate that my experience is nothing like some of the very violent crimes that are being committed but it is still a frightening experience and something definitely needs to be done to make individuals feel safer in their homes and on the street.

The GNR don’t help. I phoned 112 and could not make the operator understand what had happened and where I was.

I eventually thought he had grasped my problem but after 45 minutes they had not arrived so phoned the local station and they were there in 15 minutes. The GNR were very nice and one spoke English but they did not give me any confidence that it would be looked into. It seems to be: you report it, they file it and job done.

If the problems continue there could be a lot of expats moving away from the area.

I appreciate that the crime rate is probably lower than in the UK, but at least here you do feel as though something is being done to try and reduce the crime rate. I think that’s all most of us want. 

I have no idea how this problem can be tackled but I do applaud you highlighting the problem on a regular basis and I hope you continue to do so.