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Pena Palace tops the list

SINTRA’S PENA Palace is considered the top candidate of an eventual seven out of 21 Portuguese ‘wonders’ that will be selected as Portugal’s entry for the Seven New Wonders of the World.

Other candidates in the running include Queluz Palace (Sintra), Jerónimos Monastery (Belém), Torre de Belém, Monastery at Alcobaça (central Portugal), the Roman Temple at Évora and the cathedral at Batalha (central Portugal).

A ‘road show’ to promote the various 21 monuments in the list is currently touring Portugal until June 10.

Eventually, the 21 marvels will be put to a vote on July 7, when the ‘Seven Wonders of Portugal’ will be chosen during a ceremony in Lisbon’s Estádio da Luz football stadium, which will be beamed live across 160 television stations in five continents across the world.

The winning entries will eventually be put into the Seven New Wonders of the World.

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