Pedrógão Grande: first fireman dies, taking death tally to 64

Desperate news coming out of the continual coverage of the fires round Pedrógão Grande suggests one of the firefighters interned in hospital in a serious condition has died.

The news has been given by SIC noticias and confirmed, says the station’s site, by president of the League of Firefighters Jaime Marta Soares.

The fireman was one of five firefighters described earlier today as fighting for survival.

He had third degree burns, says SIC, and was being cared for in Coimbra’s burns unit.

Pùblico too has suggested that a French national is among the dead.

Updates to follow later.

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According to CMTV, the colleagues of the dead firemen have been temporarily pulled out of action, in order to receive psychological support back at their fire station.

The dead fireman has been named as father-of-one 40-year-old Gonçalo Conceição.

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