Natacha Campos Pedra Dura Dance Festival
Natacha Campos @ Pedra Dura Dance Festival

“Pedra Dura” dance festival returns to Lagos

The Algarve Dance Festival will feature national and international performances between November 9 and 18.

The Algarve Dance Festival “Pedra Dura” returns to Lagos for its second edition between November 9 and 18 with national and international performances.

For two weeks, participants will enjoy DJ sets, film screenings, masterclasses, conversations and activities related to science, schools and the public.

The festival will focus on the work of Brazilian artist Luara Raio, who will put on two performances. The international programme will also feature Flora Detráz from France, and Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi from Italy.

AeReA performance by Ginevra Panzetti e Enrico Ticconi
AeReA performance by Ginevra Panzetti e Enrico Ticconi

The national shows will be performed by Daniel Matos, Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz, Silvana Ivaldi, Jonas & Lander, Marta Cerqueira, Simão Costa, Mélanie Ferreira and Tiago Vieira.

A film by Cláudia Varejão and Joana Castro will be screened, as well as live acts by Trypas Corassao and Cigarra, a solo concert by Joana Guerra, DJ sets by Os Calipos and Fvbricia, a conversation with José Bragança de Miranda, two cycles of VideoDance and a collaboration with the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos.

Pedra Dura will also host the inauguration of CenDDA – Centro de Documentação de Dança do Algarve (The Algarve’s Dance Documentation Centre), “a project to set up a library and digital archive to bring together, acquire and archive material related to the performing arts”, based in Lagos’s Cultural Centre.

The project “Can we talk?” is also part of the programme, coordinated by Tiago Mansilha, which consists of a series of conversations between the public and artists, in addition to the launch of the podcast “Pedra Dura”.

The full programme can be found here.