image: Lusa

Pediatric society green-lights Covid vaccinations for over-5s

In response to the request for an opinion over the safety of vaccinating children over the age of five against Covid-19, the Portuguese pediatric society has essentially given the policy the green-light.

Its advice will now be taken onboard, with the DGS due to make its own recommendation to the government before Thursday.

The pediatric society explained that Covid-19 is “habitually an asymptomatic or light illness (in children), and happily serious cases requiring admission to hospital or intensive care continue to be rare” taking place “mainly in children with factors of risk”.

However, the upset of confinements and isolation have weighed heavily on children, seeing them miss school – so if this can be avoided by being vaccinated, it might permit a return to normality.

It is believed that whatever announcements are made later in the week, unvaccinated children will face different measures to vaccinated fellow pupils if a case is detected in their classroom/ school.