Pedestrian crossing “desperately needed” on Odeleite’s IC27 road

CDS Algarve has criticised the lack of a pedestrian crossing that would allow safe passage across the IC27 road between the village of Odeleite in Castro Marim and the local dam.

The political party addressed the situation at a recent road safety event.

“There is no safe alternative for the local population or tourists to cross the IC27 from Odeleite to the dam, for example, without driving there,” José Caçorino, head of CDS Algarve, told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

As he explains, the road’s median strip has fencing to stop pedestrians from crossing. But as there is no other way to cross the road, a hole has already been made in the fence so that pedestrians can cross. This has led to many close calls, and the party fears the situation will only worsen once Odeleite’s new riverside beach opens.

“There are daily reports of situations of imminent danger, and there has already been a fatal accident there recently,” he added.

According to Caçorino, a roundabout or an underpass or overpass could solve the issue. Until then, “the least that could be done would be to create a zebra crossing and install traffic lights to limit speed”.

He added that CDS is working with the government to solve the problem.