Peasant Algarvian

Dear Editor,

Taylor-Smith mentions the gap between Lisbon and the rest of the country. It is still the case that we don’t live in Portugal, we live in the state of Portugal and the Algarve, and the latter is definitely the poor relation.

I even get snooty comments when I try to speak Portuguese to someone answering the phone in Lisbon. I know my Portuguese is not good, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is the way I pronounce words. What can you expect from someone in the Algarve? They can’t even speak Portuguese properly! And did you know that the courts run differently in Lisbon and Porto from the rest of the country? There is one set of rules for up there, and another for us peasants.

The really sad situation is that I don’t see what we can do about it. The kids are taught peasant Algarvian and that’s that. Go to Lisbon for a better job and you will be marginalised straight away the moment you open your mouth.

Maybe those of us who simply don’t like being continually ripped off, and insulted, and asked for more and more money to support a lame system should leave after all.