“Peaceful protest” against Lagoa’s starving horse scandal scheduled tomorrow

A peaceful protest against Lagoa’s “starving horse scandal” is going to take place tomorrow (September 5) at 6pm in front of the veterinarian authority (DGAV) headquarters in Patacão, Faro.

Entitled Stop António Félix, the protest will be led by animal association Pravi Faro.

“Cases of extremely thin and starving horses are unfortunately common and the lack of action from the authorities that are responsible for this cannot be allowed to continue,” the group said on the event’s Facebook page.

“The horses belonging to António Felix in Lagoa are an obvious example of how our country treats its animals, shocking Portuguese people and foreigners as well as tourists who visit us and are appalled.”

According to the group, the horse owner’s “attitude of total neglect” was reported to the authorities “more than three years ago, and nothing has been done yet”.

Anyone interested in taking part in the protest is encouraged to bring banners “asking the DGAV to act and remove the animals” from António Félix’s care.

Read the full story about the Lagoa horse scandal at http://portugalresident.com/%E2%80%9Cskeletal-horse%E2%80%9D-scandal-hits-lagoa-again

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