A man's hand entering an access code to get into his storage unit with his belongings.

Peace of mind – safeguarding your precious belongings

Leaving a lifetime’s collection of possessions in the hands of someone else can be an overwhelming task, laden with concern and apprehension. Offering specialised storage solutions crafted to ease the worries associated with entrusting cherished belongings to others, Global International Relocation steps in as a trusted guardian.

At the heart of their service lies a commitment to secure and impeccable storage facility that ranks amongst the best nationwide. Encompassing over 5000 sqm (53819 sq ft) of dedicated space for your valued possession, boasting cutting-edge surveillance through 24/7 high-definition cameras and access control managed by biometrics, their facility stands as a premier destination for safekeeping your belongings in Portugal.

Choosing a storage solution often comes with a myriad of questions, and Global International Relocation has anticipated and resolved these essential concerns:

How much space do you need?
Space allocation stands as a pivotal consideration. With Global, diverse options are available, allowing you to select the storage size that caters to your needs, ensuring your items are accommodated comfortably.

How can you access your belongings?
Accessibility to your belongings remains paramount. Requesting access to your stored possessions is seamless, always accompanied by the attentive support of the Global team, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience.

How long will your goods be stored for?
The duration of storage often poses a challenge. However, at Global, your timeline is respected without bounds. Whether for several months or years, your possessions remain safeguarded under their watchful care, alleviating any time-related concerns.

Transportation worries?
Rest assured. Global International Relocation offers an all-encompassing service, eliminating the need for additional stress. Their team expertly handles the transportation of your belongings to the storage unit, ensuring a seamless transition.

Transparency and accountability form the foundation of their service. Each item entrusted to their care is meticulously catalogued and validated through a comprehensive document, shared and verified with the client, eradicating uncertainties about the custody of your belongings.

Furthermore, the storage units are accessed in the presence of the client, following a precise inventory list. Every addition or retrieval of items is meticulously documented both internally and for the client’s record, ensuring complete clarity and peace of mind throughout the process.

So, when it comes to entrusting your treasured possessions to a secure and reliable storage solution, Global International Relocation stands as the epitome of assurance, offering not only space, but a commitment to impeccable care and transparency in safeguarding what matters most to you.

(+351) 219 236 550
(chamada para a rede fixa nacional / call to the national landline)
[email protected] | global.pt

Photo od an employee of Global International Relocation checking if everything is OK in a storage unit of a client containing his belongings

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