Peace of mind for your insurances

Although the Algarve has a relatively low crime rate, it’s highly recommended to have building and contents insurance in order to protect your most valuable possessions.

Jim Player offers multi-risk policies which cover several eventualities such as damage from storms, lightning, floods, fire, etc, as well as policies that protect against theft. The team works with different companies and is able to find the right policy to meet each individual’s needs.

Some of their special coverages are:
– Public liability with rentals;
– Accidental damage;
– Outside garden furniture;
– Jewellery (all risks);
– Works of art and antiques.

In order to obtain a mortgage in Portugal, one must take out a life insurance. In the past, this specific insurance was sold by the banks or by insurance companies owned by them. However, under the new Portuguese law (article 97, Decree-law 72/2008), it’s now possible to have them (new or existing policies) through an insurance broker. This can lead to reductions of up to 60% in premiums and better coverages.

To learn more about the right insurance policy for you, you can contact Jim Player directly and one of their team members will create a bespoke insurance package.

Jim Player is a dynamic company, based on principles such as simplicity, credibility, trust and excellence in the services provided. Throughout their more than 30 years of experience they’ve been faithful to same mission: to serve customers well with smart solutions that meet their needs.

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